Climate neutrality roadmap St. Veit/Glan

St. Veit/Glan aims at advancing to a beacon for other small Austrian towns by developing strategies, measures and for building the capacity, necessary for achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

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St. Veit/Glan
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The starting point is laid by creating an overall overview of measures already implemented as well as the identification of potentials with regard to achieving climate neutrality. To this end, an energy balance is drawn up, and locally appropriate energy and climate targets are selected. Building infrastructure, supply and disposal infrastructure as well as mobility of people and goods represent the focal sectors. Thereafter, an implementation concept for achieving the energy and climate targets for 2040 will be drafted. The concept also considers the participation of stakeholders and general public, the indication of the technically available options and an implementation design.

The fact that we have been selected as a beacon for resilient cities is a milestone for a municipality like St. Veit/Glan. Everyone in St. Veit/Glan can be proud of this. This recognizes the successfully implemented projects of recent years and is a leap of faith for all projects that will follow.

Ing. Martin Kulmer, Mayor

Having a common goal unites and motivates. We are very happy that the topic of climate protection is being received so positively by the population, but also by companies. As a municipality, we benefit from the tremendous pioneering spirit of the companies, but also from the many private initiatives. The road to climate neutrality is not a sprint, but a marathon. Ultimately, we are all in the much-cited same boat and we are very proud that we have so many fellow campaigners across all areas of life.

Environment Officer City Councillor Walter Brunner, M.A.

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Project management

Anna Köstinger
Municipality St. Veit

Project partner

Ressourcen Management Agentur (RMA)
Regionalmanagement Mittelkärnten (Klima- und Energie-Modellregion Sonnenland Mittelkärnten)
Kärntner Betriebs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft (BABEG)

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