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The aim is to draw up a master plan to achieve climate neutrality for the city of Salzburg by 2040. Together with stakeholders, development and urban planning processes can be analyzed, targets set and the necessary resolutions obtained. The exchange with the other pioneering cities is intended to ensure the broadest possible exchange of knowledge and to exploit synergies.

Short Description

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Salzburg (Stadt Salzburg)

Starting point / motivation

Since 2012, the city of Salzburg has been dedicated to sustainable development through its Smart City Initiative, implementing various innovative projects in energy planning, communal and residential buildings, mobility, energy generation and distribution, as well as aspects of lifestyle and quality of life, all aimed at fulfilling the Smart City Master plan2025. With the call for projects regarding pioneer cities, the federal ministry (BMK) creates the opportunity to change the structures within the city administration of Salzburg in the long term towards achieving climate neutrality via a public cooperation partnership. Being fully aware of its responsibility as main provider of services of general interest and for the benefit of all Salzburg residents, the city of Salzburg is now setting the course for the upcoming years to be climate-neutral until the year 2040. For this purpose, in May 2023 the city of Salzburg made a policy decision in the council to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

What is special about our city?

By reorganizing and restructuring public transport in the city of Salzburg, we are already driving forward the mobility transition. We attach particular importance to the practicality of the measures we are implementing on our path to climate neutrality. This is because we must and want to pick people up and take them with us on this journey, as this is the only way we can achieve our goal together.

Contents and goals

With the project team Pioneer City Salzburg, new and relevant key roles in the administration will be filled. In the first year of the project, this team will develop an initial master plan for climate neutrality for the city of Salzburg with support from the responsible municipal departments. This master plan includes a CO2 balance for the city of Salzburg and a reduction path to achieve net zero by the year 2040. An action plan for the affected sectors will be developed to facilitate structured implementation. The master plan will be approved by the municipal council and will be subject to ongoing monitoring to allow for adaptation to new eventualities every year.

For achieving this goal, an innovation-oriented administration is required. Therefore, a process analysis of the city's internal processes will be initiated by the project team. The climate-relevant processes will be identified and adjustment proposals will be developed in cooperation with the administrative departments. Together with internal awareness raising, these relevant processes will be gradually adapted. Climate neutrality is an interdisciplinary matter and, therefore, agile and cross-departmental work within the magistrate will be more important in the future.

Methods / implementation

Based on two pilot quarters, the urban development and decision-making processes will be analyzed. The city of Salzburg already has experience with the construction of a climate-neutral quarter, which will be integrated into the processes mentioned above. Goals will be compiled together and the necessary resolutions will be obtained. Consequently, structures and plans for creating climateneutral quarters in the long term will be developed.

Important parts of the project are the exchange with other pioneer cities and learning from each other. With the help of learning environments, transferable and easily replicable building blocks will be developed, which can be used in different cities or quarters.

Expected results

The Pioneering City Salzburg project is drawing up a climate neutrality master plan for the city
of Salzburg, which will be adopted by the municipal council.

The first pilot implementations in the pilot neighborhoods, which will also impact the entire city area, will be the establishment of mobility points within the neighborhoods, including the roll-out of a bike-sharing system in the city of Salzburg.

The commitment of property developers to the klimaaktiv standards and the promotion of thermal renovations are also the first steps to be taken within the city.

Climate protection and early and active climate change adaptation are the order of the day. It is important that we pursue climate protection with common sense and not show politics. Salzburg wants to play a pioneering role on the way to becoming a climate-neutral city and pursue a clear strategy that will make our city even more liveable.

Deputy Mayor Barbara Unterkofler

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STADT:SALZBURG, Abteilung Raumplanung und Baubehörde


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