Kapfenberg_2_zeroCO2 - Creation of the 2040 climate neutrality plan for the industrial city of Kapfenberg

For the industrial city of Kapfenberg in Upper Styria with over 22,000 residents, achieving climate neutrality is both challenging and necessary. The companies of Kapfenberg have been heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Implementation of climate protection measures is essential for their future viability and for maintaining a high quality of life for the population of Kapfenberg.

Short Description

Photo of Mayor of Kapfenberg
Mayor of Kapfenberg (©cstrobl)

The goal of the "Kapfenberg_2_zeroCO2" project is to develop a Climate Neutrality Roadmap for 2040. A vision with a time horizon of 2040 is to be developed as a basis, focussing on the areas of energy, buildings, mobility and industry. Quantitative and qualitative energy and climate targets should be defined by taking into account the greatest possible synergies between industry and the city. In addition, a customised implementation plan including the available financing options is to be drawn up for the city. The focus will be on three local implementation measures that are necessary as the first steps on the road to climate neutrality.

It is important to actively involve the citizens in the development of the goals and plans for Kapfenberg, as well as to define responsibilities, interfaces, and processes within the city administration.

As Mayor of Kapfenberg, I am proud of our innovative economy and our pursuit of sustainability. We know the importance of a healthy balance between the economy and the environment. Together, we are working hard to create a Kapfenberg worth living in for all generations.

Fritz Kratzer, Mayor

Project Partners

Project lead

Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg, Abteilung Baudirektion, Bmst. Ing. Manfred Rössl

Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg, Abteilung Baudirektion, DIin Andrea Stupnik
Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg, Abteilung Baudirektion, Ing. Christoph Glück

Project partner

Stadtwerke Kapfenberg GmbH
4ward Energy Research GmbH

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Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg
Abteilung Baudirektion
Schinitzgasse 2, 8605 Kapfenberg
Tel.: +43 3862 22501 1700
E-Mail: baudirektion@kapfenberg.gv.at
Web: kapfenberg.gv.at/Nachhaltigkeit/Klimaneutralitaetsplan_2040